Visionox CEO Dr. Zhang Deqiang Delivers Keynote Speech at SID2018

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On May 22-24 Los Angeles time, Visionox, a leading Chinese manufacturer of new generation displays, showcased its flexible AMOLED innovations and applications at SID Display Week 2018 in the US.

At SID 2018, Visionox answered the latest development trend of flexible technology and the needs of new smart terminal devices with the release of "Foldable Display Concept Device", "Automotive Display Application Concept", and other innovative flexible AMOLED products. Of which, the 7.2" foldable AMOLED display has a minimum folding radius of 1.6 mm, which is a new breakthrough in terms of flexible display technology. Visionox also showcased automotive display application concept at the event. The flexible AMOLED displays can show images and videos while bent or folded. This makes them more suitable for the in-car environment, especially in combination with a control panel with an interactive design that integrates the display and buttons.

On the show floor, Visionox created a special "collaborative innovation" display area where TDDI, TASF, transparent displays, ultra-thin displays, under-display fingerprint, and the results of other cross-industry collaborations were exhibited. In addition, there were also other products that are created to meet the needs of human-machine interaction in the era of the "ubiquitous display", such as a smart cup with a flexible display, smart speakers with a flexible display, and e-books with a flexible display. At present, Visionox's flexible displays are used in smartphones, smart home, entertainment, smart wearables, car display, AR/VR and other products. Not only does this showcase Visionox's over 20 years of experience in the development of proprietary display technology, it also reflects the company's pan-industry ecological layout and collaborative thinking that are centered around new generation display technology.

As a global leader in the OLED industry, Visionox has dedicated itself to the development of the OLED industry for over 22 years since 1996. Through the accumulation of technical experience, Visionox not only continues to find breakthroughs in terms of innovation and application of flexible display technology, but has also accelerated the industrialization process. In 2008, Visionox set up China's first PMOLED mass production line and has been the world's number one PMOLED supplier for many consecutive years. In 2014, Visionox set up China's first dedicated 5.5G AMOLED mass production line. This cemented the company's position as China's top OLED supplier and achieved mass production and shipment of AMOLED products. At the same time, to accelerate the industrialization of flexible AMOLED products, Visionox's flexible AMOLED mass production line, the first in China, was put into operation on May 17, 2018 and started mass production in the second half of the same year.

In the future, with the efforts of manufacturers, such as Visionox, that can ensure sustained technological innovation and industrialization efficiency, the world's new generation display sector will witness a new round of revolution. Unlike the era of CRT and LCD, this revolution will drive collaborative innovation and development across the entire industry value chain. While expanding the display industry value chain, Visionox is also accelerating pan-industry technology and application innovation and integration.

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