Visionox's Flexible AMOLED Production Line Project strengthens Hefei's Advanced Display Industry

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On December 27th, world-class display panel producer Visionox kicked off the construction of its G6 flexible AMOLED production line in Hefei. Upon completion, this line will fulfill the requirement of high-end applications with its full capacity, as well as offering customization capabilities to the high-end market and its clients. Empowered by Visionox’s forward-looking flexible display technologies, the entire production line bears world-leading technology at every step of the process.

As the first flexible AMOLED production line based in Anhui province, this project will further optimize the structure of Hefei’s advanced display industry and make it a new paradigm of coordinated regional development driven by the advanced display industry. It will also play a critical role in advancing technological innovation, leading the development of industries, innovating product applications, upgrading the consuming markets, and ultimately driving China’s skyrocketing in industrial technology and economy.

With 20 years of experience in the OLED field, Visionox has implemented an efficient and stable business development model that encompasses everything from basic research to pilot production to mass production. Visionox’s current G5.5 AMOLED production line in Kunshan is now capable for stable and reliable delivery of products, and its G6 flexible AMOLED production line in Gu’an has already been operational and started to deliver products to its downstream customers.

According to data from a third-party research firm, Visionox stays as the top vendor of AMOLED displays in China mainland from 2017 to the third quarter of 2018. With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, continuous accumulation of its technology, and a dedicated team, Visionox has been scaling new heights in innovation-driven development of industry. Its new production line in Hefei — the epicenter of China’s advanced display industry — will represent a new milestone in its effort to build a comprehensive presence along the entire industry chain, as well as promote the development of China’s advanced display industry.

Upon the age of universal connectivity, digital displays will soon be found everywhere. The advanced display industry has become an industry of fundamental and strategic importance as a part of China’s bid to implement supply-side structural reforms of economy, to improve its competitiveness, and to become a global manufacturing powerhouse. Visionox’s G6 flexible AMOLED production line in Hefei will not only improve the technology, production capacity and market share of Chinese-made flexible AMOLED panels, but also raise China’s position in the global advanced display industry and accelerate its transition from a mass producer of display panel to a leading supplier of display panel. This new production line will also drive the development of display-centered manufacturing, as well as becoming another shining example for Chinese manufacturing in the new era.

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