Visionox's "Innovation Evolution" at Display Week 2019

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From 12-17 May 2019, Visionox was at San Jose Convention Center, California, US, to attend Display Week SID 2019, where the company Visionox shared its innovations in flexible display technology, products, collaborations and mass production solutions to the world. Visionox also use the opportunity to explain the concept of "Innovation Evolution", something that the company has been promoting and practicing over the years. "Innovation Evolution" is a reflection of Visionox's commitment to use innovation to bring evolution to its technologies and collaborations. This will in turn evolutionalize the innovations in human visual experience.

Technological Evolution

Visionox continues to achieve breakthroughs in display technology. With an extensive flexible display production lines layout, Visionox responds to changes in the external market environment by evolutionalizing its core technologies.

The innovative "Celebrity" displays showcased during the Display Week were the results of advancements in Visionox's technologies. These include a flexible display with 7H hardness, China's first flexible on-cell terminal application display, and a large mobile gaming display with a refresh rate of 90Hz. In addition, the company also presented a flexible AMOLED display that can be folded in both direction, changing the conventional wisdom that a flexible AMOLED display can only be folded in one direction.

Collaboration Evolution

Technological innovations stimulate product vitality and empower the industry to evolve together. Visionox drives the industry forward by bringing innovations to end users.

At the innovative collaboration display area, Visionox presented many Bezel-less Display solutions that it has developed with its partners across the industry value chain, including Sound-on-Display, Pixel Image Quality Enhancement and Foldable AMOLED Interactive Display Technology.

Visual Experience Evolution

In the era of "Internet of Things" and "Display of Things", flexible display has become the "golden key" that can unlock the doors to imagination. Leveraging on the forms and characteristics of flexible AMOLED display and using display innovation as the foundation, Visionox has further created innovative application scenarios for smart phones, the wearable, vehicles displays and smart home to bring the human visual experience to an all-new level.

During the Display Week, Visionox showcased Flexible AMOLED Automotive Application, Flexible AMOLED Smart Speaker, Flexible AMOLED Smart Monitor, Flexible AMOLED Smart Jewelry Box and other application results that can enhance people's visual experience across a broad range of lifestyle scenarios.

Looking ahead, Visionox will continue to practice the concept of "Innovation Evolution". With its broad base of technological innovations and expertise in technology consolidation, Visionox will work with its industry partners to drive further evolution in end terminal applications and inspire more possibilities with flexible displays. This will create new kinds of information interaction and bring an all-new "Visual Horizon" to the "Ubiquitous Display".

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