6.01" FHD+ AMOLED Display

6.01" FHD+ AMOLED Display

A bezel-less AMOLED display with enhanced image quality.

  • Product Introduction
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  • Technical Specification

    Product Features:

    Unbounded viewing experience

    An ultra-thin bezel AMOLED display with enhanced image quality.

    The 18:9 aspect ratio improves immersion, while enabling one-hand operation.

    With a bezel of less than 1mm, the display integrates seamlessly with the device to present an amazing aesthetic design and great user experience.

    Technical parameters
    ● Panel specification 6.01''
    ● Effective display area size(mm)68.256×136.512
    ● Bezel size(mm) 0.905/0.905/0.905/3.5
    ● Resolution 1080×2160
    ● Brightness(Typ.nits)430
    ● Contrast ratio(Min.)100000:1
    ● Visual angle(°)>80

    ● Overall size(mm)70.066×140.917
    ● Thickness(mm)0.723mm
    ● Touch technologyOn-cell
    ● InterfaceMIPI 4 Lane
    ● Product statusMass Production
    ● Color saturation(Typ.)100%
    ● CIE \
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